O último discurso de Barack Obama vale por uma lição de inglês

Tempo de leitura: 2 minutos

Teste o seu domínio dos tempos verbais em inglês com a transcrição da fala de despedida de Obama

Vale a pena conferir o conteúdo — e também a forma — do último discurso de Barack Obama, que deixa a presidência dos EUA no dia 20 de janeiro de 2017.

Confira uma transcrição da fala a seguir e preencha as lacunas para testar seus conhecimentos de tempos verbais em inglês. A fonte é o site oficial da Casa Branca:

1. “Those conversations are what have____ (to keep) me honest, and ____ (to keep) me inspired, and ____ (to keep) me going.”

2. “And it was a neighborhood not far from here where I ____ (to begin) _____ (to work) with church groups.”

3. “Whether we have _____ (to see) eye-to-eye or rarely ____ (to agree) at all.”

4. “And I was still ____ (to try) ______ (to figure) out who I _____ (to be), still ______ (to search) for a purpose in my life.”

5. “It’s the conviction that we are all ______ (to create) equal, _____ (to endow) by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.”

6. “It’s what ____ (to lead) patriots ______ (to choose) republic over tyranny.”

7. “Not that our nation has _____ (to be) flawless from the start, but that we have ____ (to show) the capacity to change.”

8. “If I had ____ (to tell) you eight years ago that America _____ _________ (will/ to reverse) a great recession (…), you _____ ____ _______ (might/ to have/ to say) our sights _____ ______ (to be / set ) a little too high.”

9. “Then workers of all shades are going ____ ____ ________ (to be/to leave / to fight) for scraps.”

10. “I’m ________ (to ask) you _______ (to believe). Not in my ability ______ (to bring) about change — but in yours.”

Confira o discurso:


  1. kept / kept / kept
  2. began / working
  3. seen / agreed
  4. trying / to figure / was / searching
  5. created / endowed
  6. led / to choose
  7. been / shown
  8. told / would reverse / might have said / were set
  9. to be left fighting
  10. asking you to believe / to bring

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